Kira May is an experimental vocal loop artist from Toronto. With a mic and a loop pedal, May methodically layers haunting melodies, dynamic harmonies, dark beats, breath work, vocal effects and samples to create pop songs that are lush, visceral and emotional.

Influences ranging from trip-hop to classical minimalism are intricately synthesized to produce a voice and expression that is uniquely her own, from vibrant pop to dense textures and elevating soundscapes.

May released her debut EP Health in 2014. The EP has earned her coverage on media outlets such as Exclaim!, Silent Shout, Wavelength, and Alan Cross: A Journal of Musical Things. She has shared stages with Absolutely Free, Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors), Your Boy Tony Braxton (Shad), Doomsquad, DIANA, Tara Kannangara, and more in Ontario and Eastern Canada. She was recently featured in the debut Womxn Pedalling show curated by Lido Pimienta. In 2015, an adaptation of May’s song Ghosts was featured as the theme song for CBC’s radio series Stripped.

Kira May’s first full-length record is in the works. She looks forward to sharing it with you!

“When employed with enough creativity and a strong aesthetic perspective, there is nothing more evocative and emotionally affecting than the magic of singing. This artist demonstrates the limitless potential of the human voice, and in the process she takes the listener into a deep and intimate well of emotion.” –Audio Reckoning

“The music of Kira May broods like a low-hanging fog diffusing moonlight. The versatility of her alto is nothing short of remarkable, twisted and knotted into percussive, rhythmic, and harmonic loops.” –Wavelength

Kira May acknowledges the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, and FACTOR.